[wix-users] Disallowing Old Bundle/MsiProduct from Installing when they have different UpgradeCodes

Edwin Castro egcastr at gmail.com
Thu May 24 15:37:41 PDT 2018

Suppose I start with a BundleA with upgrade code A which installs
MsiProductB with upgrade code B. Later we retired BundleA/MsiProductB and
replace it with BundleC with upgrade code C which installs MsiProductD with
upgrade code D. The versions for BundleC and MsiProductD are always higher
than BundleA and MsiProductB. BundleC and MsiProductD are authored so that
they automatically upgrade BundleA and MsiProductB.

Suppose that a customer installs BundleC/MsiProductD on a system and then,
later, erroneously attempts to install BundleA/MsiProductB. Since
BundleA/MsiProductB do not know about BundleC/MsiProductD at all they
contain no searches or launch conditions to avoid installing them when the
newer BundleC/MsiProductD are already installed.

Of course, I could create new versions of BundleA/MsiProductB that do know
about BundleC/MsiProductD and contain the appropriate searches and launch
conditions but that doesn't help me with old versions that don't know about

Has anybody ran into something similar? If so, how did you try to avoid the
old stuff installing and breaking the newer stuff?

Edwin G. Castro

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