[wix-users] Is WiX 4.0 dead?

Albertsen, Ketil Ketil.Albertsen at nordicsemi.no
Wed May 9 06:20:27 PDT 2018

After going to a new PC with Windows 10 I tried to keep my toolbox tidy - including avoiding age-old stuff like dotNet 3.x and 2.x. For several months I kept my old machine for running WiX builds and nothing else, but when other tools (Python 3.6 installer) reqired the old dotNet versions anyway, I caved in to the pressure.
It is about half a year since we saw anything about WiX 4.x. I saw the latest blog entry from Rob Mensching about MSIX - is *that* the reason WiX 4.0 is kept on ice?

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