[wix-users] Serious problem with FindRelatedProducts and install context

David Connet dcon at agilityrecordbook.com
Tue Mar 27 16:52:38 PDT 2018

In my installer (msi only, no bootstrapper), I wrote a custom action
that would set a custom property based on upgrade code detection (it
also adjusts ALLUSERS and MSIINSTALLPERUSER). This is used in the UI
section to influence the install (whether to allow a user choice on
per-machine/per-user). This runs before FindRelatedProducts.


On 3/27/2018 4:36 PM, Alan Sinclair via wix-users wrote:
> oops, meant to write AppSearch not FindRelatedProducts (brain fail)
> The issue isn't per-machine vs per-user, it's per-machine upgrading 
> per-machine. Installing the dual-scope package, only per-user 
> previous installations are detected and upgraded.
> When version 1.0 is installed per-machine, a subsequent install of 
> version 2.0 does not 'see' the v1.0 installed product, and installs
> v 2.0 as a fresh new product (overwriting the per-machine files if 
> v.2.0 is installed per-machine .. which is what I meant by "only one 
> set of files")
> *>  I have a feeling you'll need a bootstrapper to install the 
> upgrade MSI *
> Would that be an exe which passes  ALLUSERS and MSIINSTALLPERUSER to
>  msiexec to install the MSI? Would Burn be a candidate for that?
> I've never used Burn. Can Burn allow the user to choose per-machine
> or per-user in a non-upgrade install?  (for an upgrade we'd want to 
> remove the ability to choose)
> many thanks Alan

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