[wix-users] CSharp Wix Custom Action not fired.

Ronny Eriksson ronny.eriksson at optimity.se
Mon Mar 26 00:11:56 PDT 2018


I have almost the exact same feature you are trying to  do, and mine works just fine.
The things I can see that is different is the following
You have Return="check" Execute="immediate" in your CustomAction setup in the .wxs file and I only have this Execute="firstSequence".
I only want mine to do it on that specific dialog and no where else.

In your UI control "Edit" you have Indirect="yes", I never got that working so I removed it, but you might need that if your Property is connected to another Property
And at last I have a Publish after the DoAction on you button control that sets the value to the property.

You are using VS 2010 and I'm using 2015.
I'm using the lasts Wix version.

I don’t see why the wix version should be a problem since I just updated to that version and was using version 3.10 before.
VS 2010 should work but might be worth testing.
The difference in the .wxs file might be the one but I'm not sure.
I don't think that you CustomeAction.cs is the problem.

You could try running the MSI with verbose logging, that way you will see if the property SETUPEXEPATH is set correctly.

/Ronny Eriksson 

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I (Newbie of Wix) posted a question again about Csharp custom action in Stackoverflow, no answer from gurus in Stackoverflow. Probably because another elementary question....:-(


Still I don't have any errors from the msi file.

Is there any good sample of Visual Studio project with Csharp Custom Action...in GitHub or somewhere else? I have found several snippets by Google(like https://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/bumin_macintosh/62857832.html), but still cannot find a whole working project file....

Thank you for your attention.

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