[wix-users] Weird problem installing the same file into two different destinations

harald goci harald.goci at panagenda.com
Mon Mar 19 03:46:00 PDT 2018

Hi Jack!
Why do you need to copy nssm.exe two times to the same machine?

If you need two services you better transport nssm.exe to the target
machine ONCE and register the services with two calls of "nssm install
<servicename> <program>" with the help of "Quiet Execution Custom
Action" (http://wixtoolset.org/documentation/manual/v3/customactions/qtexec.html).

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I'm running into this weird, machine dependent, problem:

Trying to install nssm.exe into two different locations (need it to install
services - logstash and filebeat.) On my development machine it works fine
but when I tried the installer on a vm only one made it. Obviously, the
other service did not install... :(
The code:
    <Component Id="NssmLogstashComponent" Directory="LOGSTASHFOLDER"
Guid="..." >
      <File Id="NssmLogstashExe" Name="nssm.exe" KeyPath="yes"
Source="nssm.exe" />
    <Component Id="NssmFilebeatComponent" Directory="FILEBEATFOLDER"
      <File Id="NssmFilebeatExe" Name="nssm.exe" KeyPath="yes"
Source="nssm.exe" />

Any tips on how to make sure it works everywhere?

Jack Hanebach
Deloitte USDC
Tel/Direct: +1.717.610.2620
jhanebach at deloitte.com | www.deloitte.com

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