[wix-users] Check for minimum version or not installed

harald goci harald.goci at panagenda.com
Wed Mar 14 08:13:49 PDT 2018

"When the FindRelatedProducts action detects a related product installed on
the system, it appends the product code to the property specified in this
field. " from
I would change the condition to <![CDATA[NOT Installed AND

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I am trying to create a condition that will check for a certain version
when installing an update and not proceed if the version is not met.  I
only want to do this check if the product is installed, on new installs the
installation should proceed as normal.

I have the following condition but it is not terminating the install if a
version prior to 10.7.1 is installed::

    <!-- Check that version 10.7.1 or later is present -->
    <Property Id="VERSION_10_7_1_INSTALLED"  Secure="yes" />
    <Upgrade Id="$(var.UpgradeCode)">
      <UpgradeVersion Minimum="10.7.1"
                      OnlyDetect="yes" />
    <Condition Message="Please install version 10.7.1 before installing
this version.">
      <![CDATA[NOT Installed OR NOT VERSION_10_7_1_INSTALLED]]>

Any help would is appreciated


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