[wix-users] Find if upgrade / Install inside Custom Action

Philip.Doragh at dell.com Philip.Doragh at dell.com
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The WCAUtil library is your greatest friend in this regard... for this particular question the following library routine:


Obtains the information of install/uninstall/reinstall for a particular component. But there are several other functions that I use all over my custom actions... 

WcaLog -> log to the MSI install log file
WcaDoDeferredAction -> Update the deferred script to add/modify an action
WcaTableExists/WcaOpenExecuteView/WcaFetchRecord -> open and read MSI table contents and possible use information to update deferred script actions

Phil Doragh

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Inside a Custom Action, how can we find, if it is invoked on Upgrade / Install? Is there any builtin property which we can invoke using Session inside the Custom Action? Please advise.


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