[wix-users] Sending back the modified variable back to bundle from msi

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Variables can flow into Properties. There is no mechanism to flow the other way. Plus, all the values are set at Plan time anyway.

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Hi All,

I would like to install a secondary package via modified variable within the first package.
Would that be possible?
Here is my bundle code.
  <Variable Name="InstallMini"

    <MsiPackage SourceFile="Msis\WiXSandBox.msi"
      <MsiProperty Name="INSTALLMINI" Value="[InstallMini]"/>
    <MsiPackage SourceFile="Msis\WixMiniInstaller.msi"

Looking at the generated log, I can see that the INSTALLMINI is passed in to the WiXSandBox, and being initially 1 is now modified to 0 within the WiXSandBox.
However, the WixMiniInstaller is still being installed even though InstallMini should be 0.

I think I am some how not passing back the InstallMini back to the bundle.

Would anybody know how I may be able to resolve this?

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