[wix-users] WIX Condition that should be firing but is not

Anthony LaMark anthony at squadratechnologies.com
Wed Mar 21 12:06:20 PDT 2018



I have this WIX XML snippet of code that on a W7 SP1 x64 system is not matched by either <Condition>.

The system is a W7 SP1 system (i.e. a VersionNT value of 601).

So the first condition should fire but I saw that the dll did not get installed.

Unfortunately, this is at a customer site and I did not get an opportunity to capture a msiexec log.

I am posting in case I am overlooking something obvious (something I regularly do! ☹ ).

Thanks in advance!


            <Component Id='MMCSnapInDotNet35' Guid='xx'>


                <![CDATA[REMOVE="" AND ((NOT WIX_IS_NETFRAMEWORK_40_OR_LATER_INSTALLED) OR (VersionNT < 602))]]>


              <File Id='MMCSnapInDotNet35.dll' Name='MMCSnapIn.dll' DiskId='1'

                    Source='\Project\mmc\DotNet35\bin\$(var.BuildMode)\MMCSnapIn.dll' KeyPath='yes'>



            <Component Id='MMMCSnapInDotNet40' Guid='yy'>


                <![CDATA[REMOVE="" AND ((WIX_IS_NETFRAMEWORK_40_OR_LATER_INSTALLED) AND (VersionNT >= 602))]]>


              <File Id='MMCSnapInDotNet40.dll' Name='MMCSnapIn.dll' DiskId='1'

                    Source='\Project\mmc\DotNet40\bin\$(var.BuildMode)\MMCSnapIn.dll' KeyPath='yes'>






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