[wix-users] Selective installation of components

Ven H venh.123 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 08:00:28 PST 2018

I have a wxs file with 2 components inside a component group. Is it
possible in some way to make sure that (may be through some condition
having a property or something like that) I can install only one component?
I can't use feature here. My wxs file / MSI will already have 2 components,
but I need to install components selectively based on what the target
environment currently has. This is a kind of upgrade scenario. Let's say, I
have 2 sets of components targeted for v2 and v3. If a target environment
has v1, then both the components for v2 and v3 will have to be installed,
whereas if the target environment has v2, then the components for v3 alone
should be installed, but the components for v2 should not be installed. Is
this possible?


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