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Hoover, Jacob Jacob.Hoover at greenheck.com
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Is this a difference between an install verses an upgrade? Burn itself doesn't add a lot of time, but it is constrained by Windows Installer and 3rd party exe packages.

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A customer has complained that a new version of our (StdBA-based) installer is much slower than the previous version. The previous version was built with WiX v3.11.0, the current one with v3.11.1. The new version does add a (very simple and small) MSI package but, looking at the burn log files, the most obvious/significant delay appears to be between:
  "Apply complete, …"
  "Shutting down, …"
The difference in timestamps between the two message is 26sec for the old version vs 67sec for the new one.

Was there any change between v3.11.0 & v3.11.1 that might account for the extra time taken between those two messages?

More to the point, is there anything I can do to reduce or eliminate the delay in the new version?


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