[wix-users] Update ActionText table in MSI DB using Immediate CA before LaunchConditions

Nir Bar nir.bar at panel-sw.com
Tue Jul 24 20:53:46 PDT 2018

You can do DELETE and INSERT TEMPORARY queries. Can't do UPDATE. Use my WiX extension https://www.nuget.org/packages/PanelSwWixExtension/     <PanelSW:MsiSqlQuery Id="Test3" Query="DELETE FROM `File` WHERE `File`.`File`='Test'">             SOME_CONDITION     </PanelSW:MsiSqlQuery>     <PanelSW:MsiSqlQuery Id="Test4" Query="INSERT INTO `File` (`File`, `Component_`, `FileName`, `FileSize`, `Version`, `Language`, `Attributes`, `Sequence`) VALUES ('Test', 'Test', 'Product.wxs', '1875', '65535.65535.65535.65535', '', '512', '1') TEMPORARY">             SOME_CONDITION     </PanelSW:MsiSqlQuery> -- Nir Bar, Independent WiX Expert. Creator of- JetBA: WiX WPF Bootstrapper User Interface Framework JetBA++: WiX Native Bootstrapper User Interface Framework JetRummikub: Install WiX packages on remote machines

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