[wix-users] IIS components getting executed during DB install

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Subject: [wix-users] IIS components getting executed during DB install

I have an MSI with 2 features, one for App and one for DB. The App feature has Component Group references for App, Registry and IIS and the DB feature has Component Group reference for DB Component Group. Although there are some CAs for both DB and App, there are appropriate trigger conditions to ensure they get called only when the correct feature is selected.

Now, when I choose to install only DB feature, the IIS components seem to be getting called. The statuses during installation are showing messages like Configuring IIS, Committing IIS Config Transactions and so on. The same are also found in logs.

I am not able to understand how & why IIS components are interfering when I chose to install only DB feature which has no reference to IIS components.
I even tried putting conditions on the IIS components to install only when the App feature is selected, but no luck.

Please help.

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