[wix-users] MSI MajorUpgrade is not detecting old version

Stein Inge Åsmul glytzhkof at gmail.com
Sun Jul 15 11:15:27 PDT 2018

The best approach would perhaps be to clean out the existing per-user
install via your distribution mechanism (SCCM?) and then rely on
per-machine installations from now on? Or perhaps continue to install
per-user? Hope not ;-). How about changing your new version to be able to
install side-by-side with the per-user installation? (no interference
between them - not always possible)

Rob has an answer here on cleaning out old installs:
https://stackoverflow.com/a/15659159/129130 (if you don't have features in
your distribution system to do so auto-magically):

You'll see a comment in that answer from me with another tip on how to do a
per-user to per-machine migration using Installshield (
https://stackoverflow.com/a/12291807/129130). It is an involved procedure
that worked for me in a particular case, but it is quite clunky. I have
never tried it with WiX.

How large is your distribution?

2018-07-14 15:15 GMT+02:00 Nir Bar via wix-users <
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> MSI_new.log says: MSI (c) (E4:0C) [08:15:00:855]: FindRelatedProducts:
> current install is per-user.  Related install for product
> '{41EEEE03-A050-46D8-82EC-4C6834A6A8C1}' is per-machine.  Skipping... --
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