[wix-users] MSI MajorUpgrade is not detecting old version

Demetrios Tsillas jtsillas at gmail.com
Sat Jul 14 04:38:18 PDT 2018

Yes the upgrade codes are the same. Thanks!!!

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> First, make sure the UpgradeCodes are the same?
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>  Hi Folks,
> I am at my wits end. I am by no means experienced in MSI package creation
> but I have been successful using the MSI creation tools with VS2015. I
> create an MSI for a logging browser tool which is used by my company
> internally.
> I am now in the process of switching to WiX and have created a wixproj and
> wxs file. I am able to create an MSI using these and it seems to install
> and work.
> The problem is that if I installed using the old MSI and now want to
> install using the new MSI, it doesn't to an uninstall first and simply
> installs right over the old.
> The old version is 0.2.57 and the new version is 0.3.0.
> I'm linking some stuff including the wix files and the installer logs. I'm
> hoping one of you experienced people can spot what I am doing wrong.
> http://immortalsunited.com/files/MSI.zip
> thanks!!!
> -Jim.
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