[wix-users] Preserve registry values on Major Upgrade

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Seems viable, it all depends on the desired behavior.  Personally, if it’s a per machine install I would have the installer write and maintain logical defaults in HKLM, and have the app create (and be able to reset) HKCU based on the HKLM values.  Even if it’s a per-user install, one could have some defaults in one location, and the user customized values in another.

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Thank you very much!

Aside from the property solution, what do you think of the method described here on Stack Overflow? https://stackoverflow.com/a/25363029

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Property drive the values, and use RegistrySearch's to give them the user customized values or a logical default.

Another option, if this is a per machine install, would be to directly control the defaults in HKLM, and have the app be aware of the default location but have the HKCU be written and controlled by the app.

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Subject: [wix-users] Preserve registry values on Major Upgrade

Hello, I have many registry values that I create on install and are values for user preferences / customization. In my wix project I have a component with many registryvalue elements

<Component Id="cmpRegSettings" Directory="TARGETDIR" Guid="*">
  <RegistryKey Key="Software\My\App\Settings" Root="HKCU">
    <RegistryValue Name="A" Value="120" Type="integer" />
    <RegistryValue Name="B" Value="80" Type="integer" />

Their value are set to the default when installing for the first time. I'm now implementing major upgrade and I need to leave existing preferences as set by the user. What's the best way to do it?
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