[wix-users] Referring a fragment contained in a wixlib

Reuss, Matthias matthias.mr.reuss at sivantos.com
Thu Jul 19 02:43:49 PDT 2018


we have modularized some parts of our WiX code in a wixlib. To be more precise, the wixlib is built from 6 wxs files with one fragment each.

Some products references some of these fragments using ...Ref tags.

This works well for several products, however, for one product light gives several "Duplicate symbol" errors. These errors refer to custom actions that are defined both in a product-specific fragment and in a fragment of the wixlib that - as far as I can see - is not referenced by this product at all.

This error persists even if I put the questionable Custom Actions in a separate fragment in my wixlib.

So it seems to me that for some reason the linker does not only link the referenced fragments from the wixlib, but the whole wixlib.

In addition, is there some linker setting (command-line or wixproj) that alklows me to track why the linker linked a certain fragment?

Best regards,

Matthias Reuss

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