[wix-users] Preserve registry values on Major Upgrade

Luca Bacci luca.bacci982 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 08:17:09 PDT 2018

Hello, I have many registry values that I create on install and are values
for user preferences / customization. In my wix project I have a component
with many registryvalue elements

<Component Id="cmpRegSettings" Directory="TARGETDIR" Guid="*">
  <RegistryKey Key="Software\My\App\Settings" Root="HKCU">
    <RegistryValue Name="A" Value="120" Type="integer" />
    <RegistryValue Name="B" Value="80" Type="integer" />

Their value are set to the default when installing for the first time. I'm
now implementing major upgrade and I need to leave existing preferences as
set by the user. What's the best way to do it?

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