[wix-users] How to install more than 32K files

Christopher Painter chrpai at iswix.com
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Some will likely disagree with me on this,  but at some point MSI just isn't the right tool for the job.

I once had a client who's system included 200,000 files and 20-30gb of content.    MSI and it's transactional/declarative nature just doesn't scale to this very well.  Even InstallShield InstallScript projects with differential builds weren't cutting it.    In the end we went with an MSI for the core components (This was a web app.)   and a custom content management system that was basically  robocopy /mirror  type operations  all encapsulated by a bootstrapper.  We also massively parallelized their build environment to reduce build time.

In InstallShield you edit the File table and change an l4 to an l8 if I recall.  Never researched how to do that in WiX.   If you are happy with how WIX/MSI is currently handling you then a simple solution would be to split your current MSI into one or more MSI and chain them together using a WiX burn bootstrapper.

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Hello All,

One of the application has 50,000 files in one MSI. Currently the build is
successful but the installation skips to install ~20K files. We found that
MSI has a limitation of 32767 files maximum and they have suggested editing
the limit of database column to overcome this issue. Please find the
details in below link.


Is there a possibility to configure this is WiX directly without needing to
edit tables and databases manually?


Best regards

Sanketh P B,
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