[wix-users] WiX installer does not overwrite Visual Studio Setup application

Suhaib Ahmad a.suhaib.47 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 00:27:46 PST 2018

Yes my upgrade code is the same in both the new and the old project. I have
actually figured out why it does not work as it's supposed to. The
previously installed application allows the user to choose whether the
installation is done for the current User only, or whether it is installed
for all users(i.e. per machine). The new WIX installer installs in a
perMachine scope at the moment. When the old application is installed
perMachine, the new installer can correctly remove the old application and
install the new one.

However, the multiple applications installed issue occurs when the old
application is installed in a perUser scope, but the WIX installer is

Is there a way for me to configure the WIX installation to install
depending on how the previous one is installed? i.e. perMachine if
previously perMachine, and perUser if previously perUser.


On 19 January 2018 at 00:08, Wheeler, Blaine (DSHS/DCS) <
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> Is the UpgradeCode the same in the old and new project?  If so you should
> get a clean upgrade as long as you are installing in the same context (all
> users or per user)
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> Hi,
> I have written a WiX installer for my application which was previously
> done by someone else using the Visual Studio Setup project. I am facing a
> major issue where the wix installer installs the application but does not
> overwrite the one installed using the setup installer. So there are two
> same applications installed in the end.
> I need to fix this asap but I do not how how to go about this. Is there
> any way I can check if the application is installed, uninstall it and then
> install using the Wix installer. If not and in the worst case, I would be
> fine if I can at least display a message to manually uninstall the previous
> application before proceeding with the wix one.
> Thanks a lot
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