[wix-users] BurnBootStrapper is not detecting already installed chain item

Hoover, Jacob Jacob.Hoover at greenheck.com
Sun Jan 21 10:35:00 PST 2018

Either you deploy with burn or you deploy naked MSI's.

The MSI knows nothing of the bundle, so the old bundle ARP entry will be left in place if a newer MSI is installed without a bundle.

Going from 1.0.1 will work, however it won't detect a previous bundle if one wasn't installed.  It works because of the MajorUpgrade authoring in the MSI will remove the previous MSI.

I would challenge your requirements, and state that the standard install should be managed by the bundle, and if some customers have a requirement to ship only MSI's, then they are responsible for the manual work of creating a /layout for each new version of the bundle and updating their clients (probably via AD Group policy or SCCM).

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I have attached a sample wxs file

I have created an exe of test 1.0.0 using the below commands

candle -ext WixUIExtension -arch x64 test.wxs
light -ext WixUIExtension test.wixobj

Installed 1.0.0, created another TestProdcut msi 1.0.1 and installed on the top of the existing. TestProduct was upgraded successfully. ControlPanel shows 1.0.1 which is good

Created another TestProduct MSI 1.0.2 and bundled with Burn as a chain item. Created a bundle with the below commands, bundle was created which has TestProduct 1.0.2.

candle -arch x64 -ext WixBalExtension Burn.wxs
light -ext WixBalExtension Burn.wixobj

Now when i install the bundle, it is not detecting the previous 1.0.1 version MSI of TestProduct. It is installing 1.0.2 as a new software. It fails to detect 1.0.1

All i wanted to know whether Burn will work in Mixed Approach or not. Mixed Approach means, Installing msi independently and upgrading msi works. If we use Burn to install on the top of it. it is not detecting the software which was installed independently and viceversa. If i install Burn First and then install TestProduct MSI individually. TestProduct MSI is not detecting the software. which was already installed by Burn

I have attached the files for reference. Please let me know if there are any issues

We have requirement to install all the MSIs(4)  as a Bundle and upgrade independently. Similarly they can install independently all 4 MSI and upgrade using Burn Bundle.


On Sat, Jan 20, 2018 at 5:14 AM, Srinivas <srinivasmsis at gmail.com<mailto:srinivasmsis at gmail.com>> wrote:
I have an upgrade code in A.msi which is a chain element in my Bundle, that is the reason when i upgrade only A.msi indenpendently, it is upgrading. The followinng is the code which i have in A.msi for upgrading which is working perfect when i upgrade individually.

<Upgrade Id="{B650C594-186C-4001-8424-9769671E569C}">
      <UpgradeVersion Property="OLD_VERSION_FOUND"
       Language="1033" />

<UpgradeVersion Property="NEWER_VERSION_FOUND"
      Language="1033" />
  <UpgradeVersion Minimum='6.0.9'
                  Property='UPGRADEFOUND' />

I also have an upgrade code in the bundle
 <Bundle Name="ControlCenter" Version="6.1.9" Manufacturer="Convergys" UpgradeCode="{9F4B5256-54D4-40EF-B1E9-6A186F5A6548}" DisableRemove="no" IconSourceFile="$(var.resources)/icon.ico" DisableModify="no">
Bundle is also getting upgraded independently. there is no problem with this.

But the problem is with the mixed approach.
When you install A.msi(1.0) without using Burn, then Bundle A.msi (1.1) using Burn. When we install the bundle which has 1.1 in it. Ideally it should upgrade A.msi to 1.1, but it is not detecting the software 1.0 which is already installed and hence it is creating a duplicate entry in controlpanel

Both the below software entries are available in ControlPanel
Software A  1.0
Software A 1.1

Please suggest me on this.

On Fri, Jan 19, 2018 at 10:17 PM, Hoover, Jacob <Jacob.Hoover at greenheck.com<mailto:Jacob.Hoover at greenheck.com>> wrote:
Did you author a MajorUpgrade and include an UpgradeCode in both MSI's?

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I have a software (A.msi with version 1.0). I have installed the software independently. Everything is good. In ControlPanel, it is showing 1.0.

Now i have bundled A.msi with version 1.1 using Burn BootStrapper. I have installed the exe on the top of existing system which already has 1.0 in it.

Now in the ControlPanel, it is showing both 1.0 and 1.1 software. 1.0 was installed independently, where in 1.1 was installed using Burn

Burn is not detecting the software needs to be upgraded. Wherein when we upgrade independently, it is good. But when we upgrade using Burn, it is creating multiple entries of A in Control Panel

Why Burn Bootstrapper is not detecting A.msi need to be upgraded to 1.1 ?

How do i fix this issue ?


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