[wix-users] UI Dialog Changes

Thom Leigh tjleigh at outlook.com
Sun Jan 21 00:27:31 PST 2018

Is this achievable? Yes.

Has anyone done that? Most probably.

Or, we can only customize an existing dialog set? No, although it is

Can anyone please help me with these? Yes, the book referred to previously
will help you. Also, the Wix tutorial hosted by firegiant contains two
chapters on MSI UI which will help you.

Read the tutorial, have a go at doing the work, and then come back with
specific questions.

Or consider paying someone to do the work for you, there are a few on here,
including firegiant...

On Sun, 21 Jan 2018, 03:49 Ven H via wix-users, <
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> Can you please let me know the answers for my questions?
> On 20-Jan-2018 10:11 PM, "Habib Salim via wix-users" <
> wix-users at lists.wixtoolset.org> wrote:
> > Hi Ven
> > WIX Cookbook by Nick Ramirez got me off to a good start.  Help from this
> > mailing list and few websites/blogs on Wix got the job done.
> >
> > I did all these things (except for removing the print button) in my first
> > WiX installer, plus a few simple custom actions.
> >
> > I even built a bootstrapper application to install dependencies (mostly
> to
> > install an instance of SQL Server Express/localdb) but dropped it.
> >
> > You can create custom dialogs and sequence them in the order you like.
> > These are WinForms forms.
> > One frustration was the inability to hook into control events. i.e. I
> > could not find a way to trigger changes in UI based on values entered in
> > text boxes
> >
> > You can enable or disable buttons or options based on radio buttons but
> > you cannot change label text - say "Label text $(variable or property)
> > blah "
> > That sort of remains frozen from when the dialog was first created.
> >
> > I heard that there was a way to force a dialog redraw.  Haven't found it
> > (yet) because I found ways around that need for now.
> >
> >
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