[wix-users] Problem with version detection

Jon Earle earlej at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 17 13:22:43 PST 2018

Yes, that makes sense.

I am working with OnDetectRelatedBundle  now...

        #region OnDetectRelatedBundle
        public override void OnDetectRelatedBundle(WPFBootstrapperEventArgs<Wix.DetectRelatedBundleEventArgs> e)
            uninstallPriorVersionMessage = Bootstrapper.Engine.FormatString(Bootstrapper.Engine.StringVariables["CannotUpgradeMessage"]);

            // We are going to short-circuit and prevent any upgrades for the time being. When we wish to handle upgrades,
            // this method can be removed and the logic conducted in the OnDetectRelatedMsiPackage.
            if (e.Arguments.RelationType == Wix.RelationType.Upgrade
             && e.Arguments.Operation == Wix.RelatedOperation.MajorUpgrade)
                // Write a message to the log and pop up a messagebox alerting the user.
                AlertAndLogMessage(Wix.LogLevel.Standard, uninstallPriorVersionMessage);

                // Close the installer.
        #endregion OnDetectRelatedBundle

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The GUID values in log are the bundle Id which gets a new value on each build.

In your BA you can handle OnDetectRelatedBundle and OnPlanRelatedBundle.

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