[wix-users] Independent Directory element

Dzmitry Razhanski Dzmitry_Razhanski at epam.com
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I think only one root directory could be and all other directories must be defined under it. 
And it is a good practice to define all installation directories in one place. You could read about it in this example: 

But if you still want to define some directory in another fragment you could use DirectoryRef element:
<DirectoryRef Id="TARGETDIR">
      <Directory Id="TestDir" ... />

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	Dzmitry Razhansky.

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Can't I define an independent Directory element inside a separate fragment or component? If I do that, I get an error saying "The directory with the Id 'TestDir' is not a valid root directory. There may only be a single root directory per product or module and it's Id attribute value must be TARGETDIR and it's Name attribute value must be SourceDir. " Sorry for asking such a silly question, but I am new to WiX, so, please forgive me. I am a newbie and a learner and could use all the help. Hence, please help.


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