[wix-users] Certificate is not removed in my version of IIS custom action

Mihajlo Cvetanović mcvetanovic at gmail.com
Tue Jan 16 06:32:20 PST 2018

Bumping the question, and here's the short version: why, during
uninstall, MsiGetComponentState
sets fourth parameter isAction to INSTALLSTATE_UNKNOWN for an installed
component, on custom action scheduled before RemoveFiles?

On Fri, Jan 12, 2018 at 3:33 PM, Mihajlo Cvetanović <mcvetanovic at gmail.com>

> I want to use my own CA to (un)install certificates, to avoid error 26352.
> So I took lots of code from wix3 github, tweaked it, and successfully
> installed certificates when I register them in my own table MyCertificate:
>     <CustomTable Id="MyCertificate">
>       <Row>
>         <Data Column="Certificate">CertRowIdentifier</Data>
>         <Data Column="Component_">ComponentIdentifier</Data>
>         <Data Column="Name">Cert friendly name</Data>
>         <Data Column="StoreLocation">2</Data>
>         <Data Column="StoreName">root</Data>
>         <Data Column="Attributes">2</Data>
>         <Data Column="Binary_">CertBinaryIdentifier</Data>
>       </Row>
>     </CustomTable>
> I believe <iis:Certificate> element does more or less the same thing (just
> inserts one row in its own Certificate table).
> Problem is that certificates don't get removed on uninstall. In my version
> of ConfigureCertificates function (just changed the names of tables and
> custom actions in string literals) the call to MsiGetComponentStateW
> sets isInstalled variable to INSTALLSTATE_LOCAL and isAction
> to INSTALLSTATE_UNKNOWN, and so a couple of lines below the
> function WcaIsUninstalling returns 0. Even though uninstall is in progress.
> What am I doing wrong? Here's mentioned code from ConfigureCertificates,
> so you don't have to consult guthub. BTW WcaLog doesn't write to log file,
> don't know why:
>         er = ::MsiGetComponentStateW(WcaGetInstallHandle(), pwzComponent,
> &isInstalled, &isAction);
>         hr = HRESULT_FROM_WIN32(er);
>         ExitOnFailure1(hr, "failed to get state for component: %ls",
> pwzComponent);
>         if (!(WcaIsInstalling(isInstalled, isAction) &&
> SCA_ACTION_INSTALL == saAction) &&
>             !(WcaIsUninstalling(isInstalled, isAction) &&
> SCA_ACTION_UNINSTALL == saAction) &&
>             !(WcaIsReInstalling(isInstalled, isAction)))
>         {
>             WcaLog(LOGMSG_VERBOSE, "Skipping non-action certificate: %ls",
> pwzId);
>             continue;
>         }
> It's maybe important, maybe not, but I commented out the code in
> scacert.cpp that writes certificate hashes to CertificateHash table
> (function WcaAddTempRecord(..., L"CertificateHash", ...)), because I
> don't know how to replicate that part, and simply adding my version of this
> custom table "doesn't work".

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