[wix-users] WIX Installer for Lua 5.3

Russell Haley russ.haley at gmail.com
Mon Jan 8 12:42:19 PST 2018

On Mon, Jan 8, 2018 at 10:04 AM, Dzmitry Razhanski
<Dzmitry_Razhanski at epam.com> wrote:
> Hello Russ,
> As I could see in your Product.wxs, your target folder always will be the folder for 32-bit files:
> <Directory Id="ProgramFilesFolder" Name="PUC-Lua">
> I think you should change it as <Directory Id=" ProgramFiles64Folder"> for 64-bit installer.
> Or use the Wix variable which you already defined: <Directory Id="$(var.PlatformProgramFilesFolder)">.
> It doesn't matter which variables are defined in Include.wxi if you don't use them.

Thanks so much, I couldn't see the forest through the trees.

Since I have your attention, any advice on the structure of the
installer would be excellent. My plan is to generalize it for use
through the Wix toolset (sans Visual Studio) to allow people that
build Lua against mingw to create installers too. There will be no
additional features as this installer is for just PUC released version
of the Lua language. I will not be maintaining backwards compatibility
for anything more than patch level (i.e. 5.3.0 -> 5.3.4 will be
supported but not 5.3-> 5.4) so I would like patch level to be
"upgradable" but major/minor revision upgrades to be side by side.

Thanks, glad to see the list is active.


> Best Regards,
>         Dzmitry Razhanski.
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> Hello,
> First, thanks for the great tool. I lament the lack of time I've had to play with it over the years. Recently, I've had the desire to see Lua become a little easier for the average person to start using on Windows. I've been able to get Lua 5.3 to build under VS 2017, and have created an installer. I have followed various SO references and am almost finished creating a 32/64 bit build using VS configurations.
> My 32 Bit installer works but I am getting the following errors when building the 64 bit installer (Only pasted one):
> Error ICE80: This 64BitComponent lua.exe uses 32BitDirectory luabindir PUC-Lua Installer C:\Users\russh\Git\PUC-Lua-VS2017-Solution\Visual
> Studio\PUC-Lua Installer\Files.wxs 7
> The installer files are here:
> https://github.com/RussellHaley/PUC-Lua-VS2017-Solution/tree/master/lua-5.3.4/Visual%20Studio/PUC-Lua%20Installer
> I have used preprocessor definitions in the Include.wxs and Product.wxs respectively to change the luabindir... I think.
> Any advice would be grand. I will post code snippets and any other requested output if it's helpful.
> Thanks,
> Russ
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