[wix-users] Deployment Tools Foundation Documentation: Working with Install Packages

Costanzo Ferraro c.ferraro at list-group.com
Wed Jan 31 02:18:22 PST 2018

Dear List,

I would like to update some files in a Product layout.   I tried to run 
the example posted on DTF Documentation

     using (InstallPackage pkg = new InstallPackage("d:\builds\product.msi",

         pkg.WorkingDirectory = Path.Combine(Path.GetTempFolder(), 
         foreach (string fileKey in files.Keys)

             string sourceFilePath = files[fileKey];
             string destFilePath = pkg.Files[fileKey].SourcePath;
             destFilePath = Path.Combine(pkg.WorkingDirectory, 
             File.Copy(sourceFilePath, destFilePath, true);

         pkg.UpdateFiles(new ArrayList(files.Keys));

         Directory.Delete(pkg.WorkingDirectory, true);


but compiler signaled type mismatch error to these lines:

string sourceFilePath = files[fileKey];

pkg.UpdateFiles(new ArrayList(files.Keys));

How can I fix them?


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