[wix-users] Installing using WixUI_Advanced dialog set only overwrites a perUser installation not perMachine

Suhaib Ahmad a.suhaib.47 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 20:24:34 PST 2018

I am using a WixUI_Advanced dialog set to install my application, which
allows to select the install scope as perUser (default radio button) or as
perMachine. The old installer used was a VS Setup project that also allowed
users to choose between perUser and perMachine.

Both the old setup installer and the new WiX installer have the same

The problem I am facing is that when the previous application is installed
in perMachine scope, I cannot overwrite it using perMachine in the new WIX
installer. However, when the previous application is installed in perUser
scope, it IS INDEED overwritten by the newly installed one.

I am frustrated by this as I was using the WixUI_InstallDir dialog set
initially and I could overwrite the perMachine scope installation, but not
the perUser scope. Now I am facing the opposite using the WixUI_Advanced
dialog set.

I have set the default selection as perUser using the WixAppFolder property:

<Property Id="WixAppFolder" Value="WixPerUserFolder" />
> <UIRef Id="WixUI_Advanced" />

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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