[wix-users] Directory getting created in different drive

Ven H venh.123 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 18 08:36:44 PST 2018

I have a Directory element in my Product.wxs file. It has an Id and Name
attribute specified. Id="testDir" and Name="Test". I also have a component
for this directory with KeyPath=yes and the component has a CreateFolder
element wrapped in it, so that the directory gets created even if it is
empty. This is being used in Virtual Directory for IIS. Now, when the
directory gets provisioned as part of MSI installation, it gets created in
D or E (a drive other than C), even though I didn't specify it anywhere.
The other components of the installation (files) are actually getting
installed in C drive inside Program Files(x86), as expected. Can anyone
please help me understand this?


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