[wix-users] Problem with version detection

Jon Earle earlej at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 16 09:49:46 PST 2018

While developing the new custom bootstrapper, I have reused our MSI (unchanged), config.wxi file (which defined the bundle and package upgrade codes) and bundle.wxs files.  The only thing I am working to update at this point, is the interface.

Part of our prior behaviour was to simply disallow all upgrades (based on history of poor practices while using another installshield) leading to upgrade flakiness. That worked well enough while using wixstba, but now, while the engine sees the previously installed software, I am not sure I am seeing the proper guids.... and it is attempting to proceed as if an upgrade was in the works.

>From my log:

Initializing string variable 'Version' to value ''


Detected related bundle: {4859e949-6960-4c73-90fd-8c3f876802d5}, type: Upgrade, scope: PerMachine, version:, operation: MajorUpgrade
Detected related package: {D220B0DE-50D9-499F-83C7-46DA16F758E9}, scope: PerMachine, version:, language: 0 operation: MajorUpgrade

Those two guids are not what I have specified in my config file for bundle and package.  Further, as I mentioned, the gui is proceeding as if I wish to upgrade.  How would I code things to disallow upgrades and terminate the installer?



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