[wix-users] Command line to generate msi

Jon Earle earlej at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 8 13:31:00 PST 2018

Ours is built using a standard gnu makefile, excerpts as follows:

MSBUILD ?= C:/Program\ Files\ \(x86\)/MSBuild/14.0/Bin/MSBuild.exe
CYGWIN_MSBUILD = /cygdrive/$(subst :,,$(MSBUILD))

    $(CYGWIN_MSBUILD) /m "Wix/MyClient.sln" "/t:CustomActions;MSI" \
            /p:TargetFrameworkVersion=$(DOTNETFRAMEWORK) \
            /p:Configuration="Release" \

We have two targets (more, actually, but this gets you going) - one to build the custom actions dll (CustomActions) and the second to generate the MSI (MSI).  The properties "/p:xxx" are used within msbuild and/or the msi generation itself (particularly the TargetFrameworkVersion).  As well, we pass in a number of variables on the msbuild commandline (eg. OUTPUT_DIR).  Finally, we are building within a cygwin bash shell, so we adjust the path to make it happy (definition of CYGWIN_MSBUILD).

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Hi all,
any one have idea to generate msi from wix .sln using command line .

Please help on this
thank you

V.Madhusudhana Rao
Mobile    : +1-412-584-2411
Email      : vadlamuri.madhu at gmail.com.

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