[wix-users] WIX Installer for Lua 5.3

Russell Haley russ.haley at gmail.com
Mon Jan 8 08:51:19 PST 2018


First, thanks for the great tool. I lament the lack of time I've had
to play with it over the years. Recently, I've had the desire to see
Lua become a little easier for the average person to start using on
Windows. I've been able to get Lua 5.3 to build under VS 2017, and
have created an installer. I have followed various SO references and
am almost finished creating a 32/64 bit build using VS configurations.

My 32 Bit installer works but I am getting the following errors when
building the 64 bit installer (Only pasted one):

Error ICE80: This 64BitComponent lua.exe uses 32BitDirectory luabindir
PUC-Lua Installer C:\Users\russh\Git\PUC-Lua-VS2017-Solution\Visual
Studio\PUC-Lua Installer\Files.wxs 7

The installer files are here:


I have used preprocessor definitions in the Include.wxs and
Product.wxs respectively to change the luabindir... I think.

Any advice would be grand. I will post code snippets and any other
requested output if it's helpful.



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