[wix-users] MSI File with Multiple Embedded Cabs totaling greater than 2 GB can't be installed

Grant Arnold grant.arnold at safe.com
Fri Jan 5 09:42:01 PST 2018

We have been using WiX for many years to create our installer. Over time,
the size of our installer has grown and just yesterday the size creeped up
past 2 GB.

The installer was generated with no errors, but when it is run, it shows
the UI as normal but when the "Install" button is pressed it throws the
error message "The system cannot open the device or file specified". The
only options are to retry or cancel the installation.

After doing some poking around, it sounded like there are some limitations
of cab files where a single cab can't be greater than 2 GB. I checked and
we are already splitting the install over several cab files using the
<MediaTemplate> element, and none of the cabs are over 200 MB.

I then tried building the installer with the "EmbedCab" attribute set to
"no", and this fixed the installer. It was built successfully and was able
to be installed. The problem though is this fundamentally changes how we
deliver our installer to our customers as previously we just sent a single
.msi installer with the cabs embedded. Now we will have to package up the
.msi and .cab files into a bootstrapper or something.

My question is: Is this a fundamental limitation of Windows Installer? Or
of WiX? Is it not possible to have an installer with embedded cabs totaling
more than 2 GB compressed? Why? Is there any other way to workaround or fix
this without having to pull the cabs out of the .msi file?



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