[wix-users] Previous package not found (and therefore not uninstalled) during major upgrade

Hoover, Jacob Jacob.Hoover at greenheck.com
Mon Feb 19 14:58:23 PST 2018

Are you using WixStdBA or a custom BA?  Does the MSI have a MajorUpgrade authoring? Are the UpgradeCode's the same between the two MSI's?  Is the Bundle/@UpgradeCode the same between the two bundles?

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I started to make a Github issue but realized it is encouraged to check with the mailing list first. All sources, build logs and installer logs are linked below.

* Which version of WiX are you building with?


* Which version of Visual Studio are you building with (if any)?

> Microsoft (R) Build Engine version 14.0.25420.1

* Which version of the WiX Toolset Visual Studio Extension are you building with (if any)?

> (WiX Toolset Visual Studio Extension version in 
> major.minor.release.build
format) - not sure, it doesn't get logged, does it? Production builds are headless, with msbuild - logs are available, see below

* Which version of .NET are you building with?

> 4.0 (I think)

* If the problem occurs when installing your packages built with WiX, what is the version of Windows the package is running on?

> Windows v10.0 (Build 16299: Service Pack 0)

* Describe the problem and the steps to reproduce it.

> This is a bundle with a package, Keybase Apps, being upgraded from
version to Occasionally, the upgrade sequence fails and the new version installation seems to be attempted though the old one is there. The new install seems to fail due to files being in use, including some background CLI processes that do not have windows, according to some logs.

> We have verified that the same installer sequence on the same machine
only fails occasionally. Logs from a success case, a failure case, and build logs from both installers can be found at https://keybase.pub/zanderz/wixupgrade/test/

> Installer sources are mostly the same between the two. Version 
was build from:
> Version was built from:

> When comparing side by side, the successful upgrade case contains:
PROPERTY CHANGE: Adding WIX_UPGRADE_DETECTED property. Its value is '{FC280A6D-DEED-4892-8C86-68467C1647CB}'.
PROPERTY CHANGE: Adding MIGRATE property. Its value is '{FC280A6D-DEED-4892-8C86-68467C1647CB}'.
> Also seen in a successful log is: `Command Line:
> and associated values of `UPGRADINGPRODUCTCODE` In the failure log, 
seem to be set.

* Describe the behavior you expected and how it differed from the actual behavior.

> Major upgrades should consistently detect the existing product and run
its uninstaller. It seems like previous versions of Wix tools never had this problem, but we're not positive.

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