[wix-users] Failed to resolve source for file: error

Kiran k.g me.kirankg at gmail.com
Fri Feb 16 00:30:49 PST 2018

 Thank you for your reply. I saw the following code from https://github.com/

private void OnResolveSource(object sender, ResolveSourceEventArgs e)
    var wixBundleOriginalSource =

    Application.Engine.Log(LogLevel.Verbose, $"Setting local source
for {e.PackageOrContainerId} to '{wixBundleOriginalSource}'
e.PayloadId, wixBundleOriginalSource);

    Application.Engine.Log(LogLevel.Verbose, $"Retry to resolve source
for {e.PackageOrContainerId}");
    e.Result = Result.Retry;

Are you suggesting me to add the OnResolveSource event. I tried adding
and this code is not executed, event is not fired. what you mean by
handle prompt for source, since i dont have the source. After upgrade
the source file is deleted. If the source file is available at the
original location there is no issue. Please advice.

On Fri, Feb 16, 2018 at 12:34 PM, Rob Mensching <rob at firegiant.com> wrote:

> Your BA needs to handle the prompt for source.
> Also, make sure you use DetectCondition not InstallCondition to "skip the
> installation of A".
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> I have a bundled application say XYZ-, with applications
> A- and B- bundled in it. So when we install XYZ, we
> get A and B as well listed in Add Remove Programs. But when I upgrade
> XYZ- with XYZ-, which has A- and B-,
> so that A is same and already installed and B needs upgrade. I actually
> skipped the installation of A by making the install condition false, since
> the same version is already installed and installed only B while upgrading.
> After successfully upgrading I am not able to uninstall the application
> XYZ, it says some package error, also this happens only if the source file
> used for upgrading is removed from machine.Actually while uninstalling
> package has to be referred from program cache, I think since we skipped A
> package cache has problem.
> The error that i get is as follows "Prompt for source of container:
> WixAttachedContainer, path: C:\Users\ABC\Desktop\XYZ- Failed
> to resolve source for file: C:\Users\ABC\Desktop\XYZ-, error:
> 0x80070002. Error 0x80070002: Failed while prompting for source (original
> path 'C:\Users\ABC\Desktop\XYZ-'). Failed to acquire container:
> WixAttachedContainer to working path: C:\Users\ABC\AppData\Local\
> Temp{b4a1c780-306c-40f0-83ad7}, error: 0x80070002. "
> This error occurs only when i copy XYZ.exe to any path say desktop and
> after installation(skip installing A or B since same version of A or B
> bundled is already installed) and delete the setup file XYZ.exe from saved
> path ie here Desktop. I am not able to uninstall unless i uninstall A or B
> which was skipped independently.
> Also there is another scenario.
> I have a bundled application say XYZ-, with applications
> A- and B- bundled in it. XYZ-, which has
> A- and B- Thes in both versions of XYZ we have the
> same version of A. When i install XYZ- i skipped the
> installation of A- by setting the install condition to false. So
> XYZ- is installed and B- is also installed. Further when
> i upgraded to XYZ-, I need to install all of the A and B.
> Installation was successfull and now i have XYZ-, A- and
> B- Now if i delete the installation file of XYZ- from
> original path and try to uninstall it breaks.
> Initially i thought that the package cache issue arises since
> A- was not installed along with XYZ- since i skipped
> it as it is already available. But after the second scenario got to know
> that skipping was not the issue. Since in second scenario A- was
> installed along with XYZ-
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