[wix-users] Cannot overwrite property in Custom Action

Matsumoto Chihiro illuminate33 at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 12 17:56:28 PST 2018


I (Newbie of Wix) posted a question in Stackoverflow about a property which I want to overwritten by BrowseDlg...No answer from gurus in Stackoverflow.

Probably for an elementary problem.... I have failed (still commandline output is
"C:\SxS\" which is not overwritten), but tried to keep my motivation up.... If I faces a simple test which gurus consider it should be solved by myself, would you teach me...?

1:Is it a simple bug problem, or something difficult to access the overwritten value?

2:If it is correct former in question 1, I want to know how to debug the property value in install sequence.... msiexec /i {msi} /lv* (Sorry for Japanese Characters....) told me something overwritten the "SxSFolder" property, but result is still not overwritten....


200:アクション 10:39:37: BrowseDlg。Dialog created
201:MSI (c) (B8:7C) [10:39:40:095]: PROPERTY CHANGE: Modifying SxSFolder property. Its current value is 'C:\SxS\'. Its new value: 'C:\'.
202:MSI (c) (B8:7C) [10:39:43:411]: PROPERTY CHANGE: Modifying SxSFolder property. Its current value is 'C:\'. Its new value: 'C:\SxSDummy\'. (<--Overwritten Value)
203:MSI (c) (B8:7C) [10:39:44:259]: Note: 1: 2727 2:
204:MSI (c) (B8:7C) [10:39:45:353]: Doing action: SetCustomActionData
205:アクション 10:39:45: SetCustomActionData。
206:アクション開始 10:39:45: SetCustomActionData。
207:MSI (c) (B8:7C) [10:39:45:353]: PROPERTY CHANGE: Adding OfflineSxSInstall property. Its value is 'SxSFolder=C:\SxSDummy\'.
208:アクション終了 10:39:45: SetCustomActionData。 戻り値 1。

764:Property(C): OfflineSxSInstall = SxSFolder=C:\SxSDummy\

769:Property(C): SxSFolder = C:\SxSDummy\

If I should post the detail of my problem again, please teach me.
Any help will be approved.



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