[wix-users] Wixtoolset issue #5421 - Update WixShellExec custom action to allow parameters

Russell Haley russ.haley at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 22:59:04 PST 2018


I'm interested in contributing to this issue. It will partially solve
the problem I'm having trying to pass a script file to Lua from the


So from my reading of the tea leaves, the installer handle is passed
in at WixShellExec and the function extracts the value of the
WixShellExecTarget Property - translates it - and feed that to base
shellexec function. in ShellExec, the target file directory is checked
for validity and then that is added to the final call to the System

//ShellExecute documentation

I suppose that new Properties for WixShellExecWorkingDir, and
WixShellExecParameters could be created and extracted in the same
manner as WixShellExecTarget.

Otherwise, I think it would be good to add a single tag such as a
WixShellExecProperty with multiple attributes and an Id so one could
have multiple WixShellExec's in the installer.

However, the simple solution is all I need and "perfection is the
enemy of what is needed". :)

Let me know if I've missed anything. I'll pull the sources in the next
week or two and see if I can get that working. Is there a preference
for the function name? WixShellExec2, WixShellExecParam?



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