[wix-users] WiX Bootstrapper App with Instance provision

Andrew Bewley andrew.bewley at northgateps.com
Wed Dec 5 06:42:01 PST 2018


*Main Questions*
Q1. Is it possible to prevent the Hash validation of the associated msi
from within the Bootstrapper?
Q2. If the above isn't possible, is it possible to update the stored hash
value from a BA (i'm doubtful of this)?
Q3. (Read Background) What alternative approach should I be looking at? Do
I need to define a bulk of Transforms within my msi's and then call those
from the Bootstrapper? Presumably i'll be able to retrieve the UpgradeCode
value from one of the callback messages so that I can keep track of
instance > transform relationship?

I'm tasked with creating an installer for our product which would allow the
user to repeatedly perform the install as separate 'instances' similar to
how the SQL Server install does things (the reasoning being that they may
wish to install the product for Production, Testing, whatever and what-not)
on the same server.

To facilitate this I've created a Bootstrapper with a custom BA from which
I directly change the UpgradeCode of the msi (using the
Microsoft.Deployment.WindowsInstaller namespace) prior to the installation
of the msi. This was all working fine upto the discovery of the hash check,
where upon it says no-way!
(BTW I appreciate that the Hash check has very good basis and what I'm
trying to do is subversive to that, so I can't help feel I'm well and truly
off-piste here)


*Andrew Bewley*

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