[wix-users] Limitation of shortcut target length LGHT1076 ICE03

Christopher Painter chrpai at iswix.com
Thu Aug 30 04:58:14 PDT 2018

If this is the warning I think it is, I've always ignored it.   I author merge modules and it's impose to author a shortcut in a merge module ( x.guid)   without getting this warning.

Never had a single installer failure in 10 years over this issue.

MSI is "loosely" a relational database and ICEs  while they do a good job  are far from perfect.

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Why do you think some data is missing?

Have you used orca or instedit to look at the Shortcut table in your MSI?
ICE validation runs on MSIs so it already exists. You'll see the entire
string in the MSI.

The ICE03 warning is telling you the length of the string in the Target
column on the Shortcut table for the row key SbReleaseHistoryShortcut is
longer than the "max allowed" length as defined in the definition of the
Shortcut table.

To address this warning you must decrease the length of that string.

I tried to find the length of the Target column online bur only found


Shortcut Table | Microsoft Docs<https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/msi/shortcut-table>
The Shortcut table holds the information the application needs to create shortcuts on the user's computer.

which doesn't mention the length. I thought that information used to be
listed. Your WiX installation provided help file for the Windows Installer
SDK. I bet you could find the information there.

Edwin G. Castro

On Tue, Aug 28, 2018, 23:54 Helge Kruse via wix-users <
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> In an MSI installer I have a shortcut to a text file.
>   <Fragment>
>     <DirectoryRef Id="ShortcutFolder" >
>       <Component Id="cmpShortCut" Guid="<some-guid>" >
>         <Shortcut Id="HelpShortcut" Name="Help"
>           Target="[HELP]index.html" />
>         <Shortcut Id="SbReleaseHistoryShortcut"
>           Name="Release History"
> Target="[RELEASEHISTIRYFOLDER]Name_of_the_file_that_holds_the_history_and_others.txt"
> />
>       </Component>
>     </DirectoryRef>
>   </Fragment>
> I get a warning when linking the final MSI:
> ShortCut.wxs(14,0): warning LGHT1076: ICE03: String overflow (greater
> than length permitted in column); Table: Shortcut, Column: Target,
> Key(s): SbReleaseHistoryShortcut
> The MSI can be installed. And the shortcut is working, the history file
> is shown on click at the shortcut. But the warning mentions that the
> column width limits the entry.
> 1. Why it's possible to open the history file if some data is missing
> there?
> 2. How can I make sure to avoid this warning without renaming the target
> file? Renaming the target folder isn't an option since the history file
> should be kept with the installed software.
> Regards
> Helge
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