[wix-users] How to add patch applicability for 'pure wix' patches

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See PatchFamily element.

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We are creating patches using pure wix and releasing those as MSP. We are experiencing cases where msp is downgrading the installation. Say if we have released 1.1.0 MSP then 1.2.0 MSP and then 1.3.0 MSP, we can still install 1.3.0 over MSI and then 1.2.0 which is causing downgrade.
I tried searching for similar question/thread and found one which says to use burn.exe for patch applicability:
I dont see any documentation around using burn.exe or command usage for burn.exe when building patches using pure wix. Does anyone experience with burn.exe?
And what other way patch applicability be included for patches built using pure wix?

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