[wix-users] Pass variables from one custom action to another

Elena Aralla elena.aralla at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 08:33:13 PDT 2018

Hi guys,

I found my mistake!

As my property remained at its initial value in my condition, I thought it was not modified at all...

but I found a post on stackoverflow that made me realize that to see the changed value in condition tag, I had to define the order of execution in the InstallUISequence as well as in the InstallUISequence.

So I correct my previous statements:

with immediate custom actions, it is possible to modify public properties and see the changes even in subsequent custom actions.

Thank you all,

> Il giorno 03 ago 2018, alle ore 16:37, Elena Aralla <elena.aralla at gmail.com> ha scritto:
>> Il giorno 03 ago 2018, alle ore 16:15, Edwin Castro <egcastr at gmail.com <mailto:egcastr at gmail.com>> ha scritto:
>> Immediate mode actions have full access to MSI tables and properties. An immediate mode action could read a property, make modifications, and write the result in the same property or a new property. Immediate mode actions cannot change system state.
> Hi,
> I tried, with no success, to change a property in an Immediate Custom Action, and I tried to read the same property in another Custom Action, but it’s value didn’t change… so, for me, simply it doesn’t work.
> The only way that worked was write in registry; probably I did some mistakes and I’m was not able to find a working example in official documentation nor searching on internet…
> So, could you help me with some example?
> Thank you,
> Elena.

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