[wix-users] Issue with RemoveFile taking a long time

Leor Greenberger bigswoopman at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 15:03:29 PDT 2018

I am having an issue where RemoveFile on many files can take hours to
I am using the following code to do the file removal:

      <Directory Id="dir3C9A44480343B4C6469DA3B8510E21C2" Name="jpegfiles">
        <Component Id="cmpD8CA188428FA0ABE1BCEB4AFB46905EE"
          <CreateFolder />
          <RemoveFile Id="rmvfil_jpgdir" Name="*.*" On="uninstall"/>
      <Directory Id="dir4B364F0C3A071E6F43A9021BE0900215" Name="textsafe">
        <Component Id="cmp71A0AA8FF2FFC2F3303ECC1878FDD880"
Guid="4559AF87-AB25-4844-B5BA-C273C79C2E81" KeyPath="yes">
          <CreateFolder />
          <RemoveFile Id="rmvfil_txtsafe" Name="*.*" On="uninstall"/>

I have the log files available for download at
https://drive.google.com/open?id=109tpyrXowkONmHoEJ0uu-qRzlXbT49kX .
InstallValidate alone takes 30 minutes, which I think is because it is
gathering all the files. Removing the files takes hours.

I appreciate any assistance with resolving this issue!

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