[wix-users] Format of wix.xsd from wix3 source

Blair Murri osito at live.com
Thu Sep 28 11:21:26 PDT 2017

@base='xs:NMTOKEN' is used to permit preprocessor text.

Enumerations that are shared by more than one point in the schema usually get their own “name” while ones that are “one-offs” usually don't.

If you see specific exceptions, please let us know.

Blair Murri

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Subject: [wix-users] Format of wix.xsd from wix3 source

I am trying to auto generate some code based on this file and I am curious about
a couple aspects.

Simple types such as YesNoType are composed of a fixed collection of string values
and have a schema resembling "restriction[@base='xs:NMTOKEN']/enumeration[@value]".

Other types that I expected to fall into this category such as the Configuration elements
Format attribute are described as an enumeration and composed of a fixed collection of
string values, yet there is does not exist a simple type and the data format is described
exclusively within the element declaration?

What is the rationale for the layout in this file, is there a programmatic difference to
these two types which accounts for the inconsistency?


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