[wix-users] SQL database (sql:SqlDatabase)

Carlos Sosa carlos.sosa.us at outlook.com
Thu Sep 14 13:58:37 PDT 2017

Thank you for the links, I have read those in my research before posting this question, I went a doubled checked but still couldn't find a solution.
At this point I'm switching gears to c# and a custom action....
Trying to use WIX functionality but it's just not working for me.


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> The rest of the code, if I understand correctly, is going to try to 
> create a database called 'Foobar' connecting using the credentials 
> specified above Is the Server value not defined correctly? Should I 
> use "LocalHost" or MachineName\MyInstance? I'm pretty sure I tried 
> every combination I could think of with no luck.
>             <sql:SqlDatabase Id='SqlDatabase' Database='Foobar' User='SQLUser'
> Server=".\sqlexpress" Instance="MyInstance"
>               CreateOnInstall="yes" DropOnUninstall="yes"
> ContinueOnError="yes">
> And then run the script to create a table, etc.
>               <sql:SqlScript Id="CreateTable" BinaryKey="CreateTable"
> ExecuteOnInstall="yes" />
>             </sql:SqlDatabase>
> Any help is appreciated.

A couple interesting searches bring a few links that might help:

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