[wix-users] SourceDir not available in Silent mode

Marc Beaudry mbeaudry at matrox.com
Thu Sep 14 05:39:05 PDT 2017

Hello All,

Found a solution: If this is completely incorrect let me know:

I created a Property: 
      <Property Id="MySourceDir">C:\</Property>
Then I set my property value like this:
     <SetProperty Id="MySourceDir" Before="FileCost" Value="[SourceDir]" />

I also in InstallExecuteSequence run the ResolveSource before the FileCost

This works in both silent and published mode.


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Hello Wix Experts,

I have an MSI that executes correctly when running in "Normal" mode, meaning
with UI.

When I run the same MSI in silent mode I get a SourceDir error Error code
2706: Source paths not created. No path exists for entry [2] in Directory

I know where my error comes from:
<CopyFile Id="CopyVersionFileId" SourceProperty="SourceDir"
SourceName="Versions.txt" DestinationProperty="MYDESTPATH"

My Question: 
- Can this be done using my approach, or do I need to write a CA for this?
- Can I delay the check of SourceDir in Silent mode so it behaves like
published mode.

The Problem:
I need to copy a simple text file that gets generated once all the various
MSIs and other installers get created to a folder on the destination system.
I chose one of the MSIs to do this, copy from source folder to destination

Let me know
Thanks for the help,
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