[wix-users] error PYRO0001 : Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Ghenadie Tanasiev ghenadie.tanasiev at gmail.com
Thu Sep 28 15:37:00 PDT 2017


I have an issue when creating a patch, using pyro tool. I am not sure if
this is a WiX tool defect, or I am doing something wrong. When executing
the pyro.exe, my release builder crashes with the output from the pyro tool
as below:
Windows Installer XML Toolset Patch Builder version
Copyright (c) .NET Foundation and contributors. All rights reserved.

pyro.exe : error PYRO0001 : Object reference not set to an instance of an

Exception Type: System.NullReferenceException

Stack Trace:
   at Microsoft.Tools.WindowsInstallerXml.MediaRow.get_LastSequence()
   at Microsoft.Tools.WindowsInstallerXml.Patch.AttachTransforms(ArrayList
   at Microsoft.Tools.WindowsInstallerXml.Tools.Pyro.Run(String[] args)


This is the execution sequence of wix tools I am using to build a patch:

0. candle.exe  -out Patch.wixobj -ext WixUIExtension -ext WixNetFxExtension
-arch x86
1. light.exe -out Product_1.wixout Product_1.wixobj -xo -ext WixUIExtension
-ext WixNetFxExtension
2. light.exe -out Product_2.wixout Product_2.wixobj -xo -ext WixUIExtension
-ext WixNetFxExtension
3. torch.exe -out Diff.wixmst Product_wixout Product_2.wixout -p -xi -ext
WixUIExtension -ext WixNetFxExtension
4. light.exe -out Patch.wixmsp Patch.wixobj -ext WixUIExtension -ext
5. pyro.exe -outPatch.msp Patch.wixmsp -t MyPatch Diff.wixmst

Please advise.

Many thanks,

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