[wix-users] Dynamic Name and ID values

Duepner, Stephen J Stephen.J.Duepner at boeing.com
Mon Sep 25 11:23:44 PDT 2017

Our current scenario:

We have an application that has several different variants. The difference between the variants is all controlled based on an enumeration value. The look & feel of the application will change based on the configuration setting as well as some of the content. We are currently maintaining a unique .msi and .exe bootstrapper (for pre-reqs) for each variant of the application. The projects all reference back to a single set of WIX files with the exception of a .wxi configuration file that is unique for each variant, populating values such as product name, location of the user's manual, upgrade code, etc. All variants have unique ID fields so they can be installed on the same machine simultaneously.

What we'd like to go to:

We would like to have a single .msi and .exe that allows for installing any variant of the software we choose. We need to be able to run the installer several times and have it install any of the variants we pick on the same machine. I've looked at examples of creating a custom bootstrapper that allows for some user input and have one set up and ready to go. As the install button is hit, I can then set string variables in the engine to pass values to the bootstrapper. What I can't figure out is how to utilize these values in the .msi installer to set fields like the upgrade code, product name, etc. I'm open to using values directly and setting them in code or passing down a single configuration value that is interpreted in an include file to set all of the unique values I would need.

Could anyone tell me if it's possible to achieve what I'm aiming for?


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