[wix-users] Steps in a Self-Updating Application

Kevin G. Joback kevin at molecularknowledge.com
Sat Sep 23 09:35:36 PDT 2017

Our application consists of a single exe distributed with the visual c++
redistributable exe. The application's msi and the redistributable's exe are
bundled together using burn. 


I would like our application program to periodically check online for an
update, download the update (another exe created using burn) and then run
the update.


Two questions:

1.	Does our application have to exit before it runs the new
installation package? The downloaded update will be replacing the currently
running executable. (We are happy to restart our application program after
the update has been downloaded and installed.)
2.	The "WiX Installer Application" (the one with several panels, e.g.,
wix311.exe) does this very nicely. Is the source code for that application
available somewhere?


Thank you,



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