[wix-users] WiX NativeImage variable Priority

Wim Brosens Wim.Brosens at realdolmen.com
Wed Sep 20 06:53:59 PDT 2017


At install time I need to ngen some of my deployed assemblies. I want to integrate this into my WiX project, so that when I uninstall the soft, the native images are deleted from my machine.

I'm trying to set the NativeImage Priority attribute to an msi (public) variable NGENPRIORITY so I can choose the NGEN handling when I start the msi:
<File Id="F_ MyAssembly" Name="MyAssembly.dll" Source="$(var.dirSource)\MyAssembly.dll">
<netfx:NativeImage Id="NI_MyAssembly" Platform="$(var.nativeImage.platform)" Priority="[NGENPRIORITY]" />


msiexec -i MySoft.msi NGENPRIORITY="0"
                for running ngen syncroniously

msiexec -i MySoft.msi NGENPRIORITY="1"
                for queueing ngen to occur immediate

msiexec -i MySoft.msi NGENPRIORITY="2"
                for queueing ngen to occur after all prio 1's are fininshed

msiexec -i MySoft.msi NGENPRIORITY="3"
                for queueing ngen to occur when cpu is idle

But I'm getting compiler errors:
The 'Priority' attribute is invalid - The value '[NGENPRIORITY]' is invalid according to its datatype 'NmToken' - The '[' character, hexadecimal value 0x5B, cannot be included in a name.

Can someone help me out with this one ?

Kind regards,

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