[wix-users] Install a component once more.

Mahesh Wickramasinghe wickramasingha4u at gmail.com
Tue Sep 12 19:12:12 PDT 2017

I am creating a installer for a printer driver.
I need to add a registry key when i add a printer.

I could do that at the installing time as a feature

<Feature Id="RegistrySetup" Level="1" Title="RegistrySetup"
AllowAdvertise="no" InstallDefault="local" Display="expand">
        <ComponentRef Id ="RegistrySetup"/>

<Component Win64='$(var.Win64)' Id='RegistrySetup' Guid=' '
      <RegistryKey Root="HKLM" Key='[UtillRegKey]'
ForceCreateOnInstall='yes' ForceDeleteOnUninstall='yes' >
        <Permission User="Everyone" GenericAll="yes" />

Now I want to let users to add another printer. So i changed the
"DeliMaintenanceTypeDlg". If user click the "Change" Button the custom UI
will be opened and let add a new printer. I have done that that using
custom actions. but i need to run above feature again and add another
registry key '[UtillRegKey]' is set by a custom action so the value is
always differ.

The problem is i cant find a way to run above component again when user run
the installer for change. Can any one show me a path ?

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